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The benefits of periodically reinstalling Windows is a persistent myth.

A well maintained modern PC will get no genuine benefits from a fresh install, unless your system has real problems, it only seems like it at first on your virtually empty drive.

Back in the days of 95 & 98SE then the occasional refresh was worth doing but with the modern systems when they are stable there's no point. Just install the update and be done.
Of course any new Windows install feels slightly more sprightly than a fully loaded system. How much of a difference that will make on virus free, trim enabled NTFS SSD that's up and running in a few seconds is another matter.

If you've got bloat-ware filling up your system drive then of course a new install will feel quicker, but then it is far quicker to simply uninstall the nonsense bloat-ware.
As an example I installed the Android software for my phone. This added about 20 seconds to the start up of my SSD!, I kept it on my machine for about a week; after removing it the load time lost those extra 20 sec's, back to 10-12 sec's.
If your machine has gotten slow over the years or months it's usually down to needless background processes you never use. Just remove them instead of reinstalling Windows!
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