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Hi Deric,

I think through the vagaries of the written word you're taking my post the wrong way, i appreciate your input and was not under any circumstances dismissing your points:-)

You're right I've been on the steinberg ship a long time so thats my main comparison regarding DAW's, I had logic for a while as I was given it as a VIP user but couldn't get on with it and I've got pro tools here as well which I never use.I don't remember any issues like this though through my steinberg history, the only graphical issues I seem to remember where similar to what I'm seeing in reaper as regard the zooming performance,and I think that was sorted out between Nuendo 2 to 3.

I too have every intent to help Justin (and in doing so every reaper user) in any way I can to get to the bottom of this,and would like to thank everyone who's contributed so far in narrowing this down.

I have been very lucky in my musical career to have been given lots of software and hardware from various manufacturers over the years so I feel now I'd like to give something back by testing and helping Reaper become as good as it can.

I don't want to fight with anybody least off all you Deric :-)

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