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Ivansc: thanks again for responding in answer to your question "how did you get there?".... lol... I downloaded the REAPER user guide directly from this website... and on page 3 of the official user guide it says this and click on the link it takes me to the wiki site for the sample files :/

"Sample Project Files
These are available for download from
Note that the links are case sensitive. The media files are in .MP3 format. Some of the examples outlined in this
book require recording further tracks in MP3 format. In order to be able to do this, you will need to have an
MP3 encoder installed in your REAPER program directory. The encoder file can be downloaded from a number of
locations, including
Be sure to select the correct file for your system. For example, for 32 bit Windows this will be lame_enc.dll....." Pg 3 REAPER user guide...

I've decided to scrap the samples and work on my own and working through the video tutorials on this site by Kenny Gioia...

thanks again
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