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I urgently wanted more readability in mixer.

I few tips that I learned(windows):

a) unpacking zip as described, give you Default_5.0_unpacked folder.

Start Reaper

If you open this folder as current theme you know images come from there.

Open the developer tweaker dialog and have it open in the process below.

There is a Reload images button which is very handy, you change a png file and save, and reload images - and you have visible what you did right there.

Easier than switching themes back and forth.

b) rightclick images in the folder and select Edit to open in Paint
Increase zoom to max, if it is 800% or so.

c) color filler tool will fill clicked area with current selected color

Make custom color and select if not present, or use pick color tool to make a color from anything from your screen.

d) save png file to original name.

e) Alt-tab back to Reaper which is running, and press the Reload images button in color tweak dialog.

Going back and forth with this, makes it much easier I think.

f) revert zipping process to make a new selfcontained theme, or just leave it there if using on this computer.

This is the images I went for mixer:

Most influential was mcp_fxlist_empty.png and mcp_sendlist_empty.png and made border from all black to rgb 90,90,90 to give eyes guidance sweeping over mixer panels. Way to dark as default I got just installed R5 the other day.

And remember your tweaked colors can be saved with new name, not influencing default, and it still reference that basic theme from those settings. That file is much smaller than theme file, if you look at it - it just reference main theme for images.
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