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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
Please test b39 version. It should support frozen track conversion.

Note that when SoftSynth is frozen, corresponding track in the Synth Rack has no audio. Frozen audio is in the "target" track (originally synth track in Sonar). Unfreezing it does not automatically unfreeze corresponding synth (since there is no such connection in converted project). I have not found how that can be done better.
This is working flawlessly for me so far. I tried a few projects with frozen tracks, slip-edited frozen tracks, and frozen synths. All worked as you described...As for unfreezing the synths, that's not an issue for me...just getting the rendered audio to come over is perfect.

This update makes good on any projects I have - fortunately never used the features that don't translate, except to just play around.
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