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How do I execute some code at the project load/switch?

I was using fixed arrays of 1024 elements to store tracks data (mute/pan/vol/etc) and decided to switch to vector of objects, with a single object for each track, containing the necessary data.
I've also added a resize vector method into the Run() function and in every function, that is called by Reaper (there are bunch of them already in the example).
It was going fine until I've tried to load an existing project. Reaper then crashed with vector subscript out of range error.
I guess, resize should also be executed at the project loading or switching to another project's tab, but I don't know ho do I track it. Any help would be appreciated.

UPD. For some unknown reason, Reaper was calling track related function even when there weren't any tracks in the project, so it was giving the track number -1, which lead to crash, when the plugin tried to write track's vol/pan/etc state into the vector at index '-1'.
I don't know why does reaper_plugin.h calls those functions for track -1, so I've simply added a check, if the tracks number is zero or positive.

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