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Originally Posted by DeathByGuitar View Post

I know he said this was done in Reaper but I have no idea how. I have an idea for a dumb little comedy sketch where I'm interviewing myself and this sort of thing would be essential for me to be able to pull it off. Thanks!
Usually an alpha channel would achieve this. Like in images, you can create alpha channels for video to show where the video shows thru and where not. Reaper allows alpha channels with the video processor preset "image overlay".

Just create a logo in Photoshop with an alpha channel, which sets the visible area, save it as png with alpha channel, import it to Reaper and use the "image overlay" to only see the chosen pixels.

Same is possible with video, but you need to create the alpha channel for it. An alpha channel is nothing more than a black and white instance for what pixels will be shown (color white) and what areas are transparent (color black) and of course all the greys in between.

Justin did record five videos and created alpha channels so they only show a specific range. Maybe its already possible by using fading or vignette like effects in video processor. But i have no idea.

Hope that helps to understand. Its not to complicated to make an interview with yourself.
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