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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
The crop may not be a default preset in video processor, stage lighting is though. For crop see the, as he has a free "essential video controls" preset that has crop and he has some YT videos that will get you there.

The process is literally as I described. 4 videos on 4 tracks with the person in different positions in each video, use crop to expose the underlying tracks. A side-note that video only displays the top-most track, but when you use crop it exposes the video in the track below and so on. So... if there are 4 people across the screen so to speak, one is cropped to the leftmost 25%, the second the next 25%, and so on.
I hadn't seen that video before, but it looks very similar to one I did using Vegas. I'm going to go grab those essential controls, since I'm now using Linux exclusively for everything including REAPER.

I haven't tried installing Vegas in WINE, and if I can do most of the things I used it for (mostly personal entertainment), I could just start using REAPER in place of it.
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