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Originally Posted by domzy View Post
tough decisions. i've owned numerous interfaces over the years and it can be difficult to know what your priorities should be until you've incorporated it into your setup.
i would say for build quality, drivers, support, longevity etc. RME are clear number one, followed by Steinberg/ Yamaha & Roland / Edirol tied for second.
Bang for buck would be Behringer, i think.
I've never used a Komplete 6 or Presonus though, and (cheaper) Focusrites have given me hassle in the past. Just my two cents. Good luck.
I appreciate your feedback. It's definitely a tough decision. I tend to do a ton of research before making a final decision since I know I'll be having to live with that decision for quite a long time. I don't tend to sell my gear. I like to learn from other's experienced problems/mistakes instead of just jumping in and trying to deal with the problems and end up in a tough situation after purchase.

If the RME was even in the same ballpark of prices as the other options I was looking at, it would definitely be near the top of my list. But when you have the Presonus and Behringer's sitting at less than half the price and providing double the functionality, user reviews seeming pretty positive...then it really makes the RME a tough pill to swallow. It seems Behringer has stepped up their game and I may give it a whirl. I purchased one of their headphone studio booth distribution amps in the past, and while it definitely wasn't the quietest headphone amp at high volume listening levels, it served the purpose well and that's what I'm after this time around. I'm not looking for the best, just hoping to get something that works without headaches, and planning to use it to do some small projects with a final destination of YouTube videos.

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