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I've been looking for a usb interface too that has a coax spdif input.
I'm looking to record the spdif out on an API A2D Mic Pre.

I have no problems with my home rig, as I have a all digital card (Lynx Studio AES16), but I'm looking for a portable rig just to record two channels into Reaper on a Windows machine.

I have an Avid Mbox (3rd gen), but it has clocking problems.
I have an older Motu firewire HD rig which works, but it's too big, and Windows 10 doesn't support firewire 400 from what I understand.

Here's another Presonus unit I found for around $250.00
Has a breakout cable for midi and spdif.

Aphex has an small unit $130.00

Zoom has one with Spdif input $130.00.

That PreSonus Studio 1810 looks good.

I've had no experience with any of these.

I would probably consider one that has updated drivers, good tech support. I'll study this more.
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