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Second on the rme stuff. Your paying for driver support for as long as the connection socket stays relevant. I have a fireface uc, that started in win xp ... still works in win 10 .. also works on my current macbook pro 13 inch from 2011.. and every other computer i connect to it provided i have the updated driver. ITs not only a better driver, but also has historical solid evidence of legacy support. Total mix, is pretty much a digital patch bay any input to any output. Nothing really like it and how useful it is. Its been the only interface company that always works without any hassles on every type of system(mac os windows). You pay for compatibility and solid performance on every type of computer. The babyface pro will work until usb is fully abandoned. The company only focuses really on interfacing and nothing else.

You would pay for rme for legacy support into the future as long as usb stays current. IF you computer dies, and you need a new one with a new type of usb protocol but the same socket, chances are the rme babyface will still work... I can't think of another manufacturer that does this type of legacy support.
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