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Originally Posted by Liquid Fusion View Post
Not sure how to wire up the iPad Synth One to PC / Reaper. Thought it'd be easy to do.

This is what I can do so far -

1) If I plug a USB output from the Nextar Impact GX49 Keyboard controller into 2) a powered hub, then 3) take the hub output and plug that into 4) an Apple Lightning Camera adapter with power, and 5) connect a usb from the hub to 6) an Avantone powered mono speaker, then the Keyboard controller can play the Synth One on the Ipad, and I get sound on the Avantone speaker (Ipad shuts off it's speakers)!!

Like to get this digitally into Reaper on my PC. Almost there. Any ideas?

My ADDA Interface connects to my PC via USB. If I take the Interface usb and plug it into the powered hub, nothing happens. I've tried usb from powered hub to pc - Reaper doesn't see the Controller / iPad / Software. Unplugging all, connecting the powered hub to the pc, then adding the Keyboard controller usb to the hub, Reaper, in Win 10 Pro, sees the Nectar Keyboard. If I add a vst instrument to FX, I can play a Vsti in Reaper.
You're not "almost there" if all you're doing is triggering the ipad synth with a hardware keyboard - how do you plan to get ipad Audio into Reaper digitally?

Are you using Studiomux like I suggested?

The spaghetti of cabling and all the the hassle (and latency) is the main reason I stopped linking an ipad to a pc.

You can just keep your USB keyboard connected to your pc via USB (as normal), and send MIDI from REAPER to the ipad (and Audio back to REAPER) iirc.
(Can't remember if I was using my Alesis IO Dock at that time, or just the ipad>>>pc cable).

Here's a thread explaining the Studiomux setup.
Like I said, other newer options might be available :
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