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Originally Posted by viscofisy View Post
In the end I think you're much better off just buying a few good VSTi synths for use in Reaper. There must be hundreds of decent synths by now.
You won't have all the trouble wiring it up and hoping the apps play nice; or the latency.
Maybe the best thing about the ipad is the portability and spontaneity - but it's not very portable or spontaneous if you have to go through a rigmarole of wires and apps to connect it to a pc every time.
I agree! I was reeled in by many neat little videos of the iPad being used as a MIDI Controller but the word rigmarole says it all. I haven't heard or seen that word for years. Perfect - imho Also: After I started messing with the iPad I made the mistake of taking it on as a challenge and that was where I went a bit too deep. I wish anyone wanting to "play" with the iPad much success but I found in the end it was a waste of time and took away from real music making attempts. I said attempt because I just experiment with music. Good Luck to anyone who works through all the issues making all the little apps play well together. Please do keep the thread alive for anyone who may have more tips to offer. Thanks!
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