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As many mentioned above

i would suggest

Fab filter Q3, it will take care of your Dynamic, Eq and Image correction issues in one tool
TDR has some free tools for the same stuff, i haven't tried these personally but have heard many people vouch for it.

Reverb - Valhalla , SOftube's Tsar , Fab pro R {paid}
or Denis Tahinov's Oril River { free} this is a great freeware.

Modulation Effects- Soundtoys { paid}
U-he's- UHBIK {paid}
Bionic Supa delay {free} - great for dub style delays etc.

For stutters and glitches - GLITCH 2 by illformed . { paid}
they had an earlier freebie version.

Or better .. just go to the kvr website and go through the million free plugins they have put links and reviews for.

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