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Originally Posted by g4greg View Post
We're talking about how sensitive they are to room reflections because of their pickup pattern.

dynamics have a tighter pickup pattern, so a crappy room doesn't get picked up too much..
How so? Because cardioid is cardioid for example and so on. Let's swap it up and change it to fig-8 - OK, it's picking stuff up back "there" because that pattern does that but if it were a condenser *and* dynamic in fig-8, we'd be back to pretty much equal other than higher output = gain compensate = same. I get them being more sensitive due to one having a preamp and how electrets and others work and dynamic being a heavier mass, I don't get how cardiod on condenser is any different than dynamic - where sensitivity based on type has to do with anything other than the gain control or differences in frequency response.

I would definitely be on board though if we are saying we picked two where the polar patterns were different but that's not the same as dynamic vs condenser.
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