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Originally Posted by numberthirty View Post
One thing there...

Being an active design, they might not play ball with some "Fuzz/Volume Turned Down..." scenarios.

While that might not be a deal breaker for everyone, it's one of the first places my mind goes when I think "Strat".
That's a good point... Fuzzes kind of suck unless it's the first thing the guitar plugs into and is a hi-z guitar PU - because the guitar is sort of part of the fuzz circuit. Not even plugins can properly replicate that sudden clean up and getting brighter when turning the vol knob down on the guitar, aka real fuzz because they can't react to the impedance changes as the knob turns. Plugins can do a decent job of replicating a full on fuzz to an extent but much of fuzz goodness is that guitar/pedal interaction.

I've been seriously thinking of getting pre-wired set of Fluence but being a fuzz fan, this sort of deal-breaks it a tiny bit.
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