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just a post to say that after a little research, I have to admit I was living in a myth for many years, and if a dynamic and a condenser have the same pattern, they will pickup the same room sound if they have equal gain.

I was wrong, you were right. Thanks for setting my record straight. Even if I sounded like an ignorant arsehole. P

The big difference is the sensitivity of the membrane with LDC vs dynamics. You do need a louder sound to make the membrane vibrate. However, the "room sound" is only relative, because it's true that I usually sing much closer to my handheld than I would for my LDC, which is like a food and a half away, hidden behind a pop filter to keep me away.

So, in theory, if you have a crappy room, just sing real close to your mic.. whatever mic you have, and EQ out the proximity effect. (which is much less pronounced on an e935).

The feedback thing is just manifacturers making sure that the offending frequencies aren't accentuated in their live mics.

Of course, hypercardioids are different beasts..But it's only due to their pattern.
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