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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
It doesn't. Browsers use color profiles, Reaper just uses the system color space just like almost everything else. Here's what has probably happened: Either your screen is uncalibrated or your system color settings have been messed with, you have now corrected this in Chrome when you should have corrected this on your monitor or system color settings.

I'm trying to help you, please allow yourself to be helped. Anyway, this is a theme tweaking reference thread, so if you want to continue this discussion please start a new thread.
Your original post about unzipping theme and tweak helps. However above text does not and it's insulting. You’re still suggesting that I’m a moron and I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I have told you that I have at least 4 different monitors and I had a business selling PC's and monitors. I have never needed to calibrate monitors, including mine. Only one thing I was adjusting - brightness and contrast.

Once I have calibrated a monitor for a client, who was using Adobe Photoshop in his business. Not only colors have to be adjusted but even brightness, because images have to look right on any standard monitors.

But for usual usage of a computer, Internet etc. usually colors in factory setup are OK.

I have solved my problem by adjusting colors on my Reaper monitor, and while I hate some different screens with plugins etc, I love now Reaper, because I'm not using that machine for anything else.

I'm waiting for a new Reaper and frankly, I don't have time and will to fight with this stuff again.
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