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Originally Posted by 1111Eugene View Post
did anybody checked the fix? yes, not a complete one, but some.
Yes, the specific issue you reported reproducibility steps for, and the one which I reproduced here, has been fixed. The mixer now appears instantly.

Originally Posted by 1111Eugene View Post
but the thread was not just about a mixer window.....
That may be, but most other complaints have been generic and vague. "Reaper is slow make it go faster" is not going to get any results.

Breaking out specific cases, one by one, with clear reproducibility steps, plus videos showing the problem if possible, is the best way to motivate developers into action. (It's at least a necessary condition, even if not a sufficient condition.)

Without that, I don't think I would expect to see drastic changes in a month.

Originally Posted by 1111Eugene View Post
(should it lag when RT CPU is around 85-90? I think no, it shouldn't)
I expect it probably will. 10% headroom on the audio thread is not a lot, and Reaper prioritizes audio processing over GUI responsiveness.
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