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I tried MX Linux first. It was good, no real problems (except for some wonkiness during a rolling update which may have been my fault). It's lagging behind on the GCC package version though, which means the latest ReaPack doesn't work unless I force a later GCC to install (and I don't like messing with dependencies). I found its repos to be more up to date with some stuff, and included more software than usual. So it's a bit give-and-take in that regard for my experience.

Then I tried Mint XFCE which is fine too.

Both the above are a bit behind on the kernel version. So I'm probably going to use Xubuntu or Ubuntu with XFCE next. I like keeping the kernel up to date. Official Ubuntu repos are pretty good too (for instance Gimp is more current in Xubuntu, as well as MX Linux). I don't see much reason for sticking with Mint. It doesn't offer me anything (that I notice) as an advantage over Ubuntu/Xubuntu. Maybe if I liked Cinnamon DE I'd want to use "normal" Mint and I'd prefer it to Ubuntu/Xubuntu. I can't think of any other reason though.
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