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I'm on AntiX with low-latency kernel (Liquorix, I think) for all my Linux-based audio editing and mastering. I remember having to use an older version of the kernel as the most recent at the time played hell with my mouse cursor smoothness). I use Ardour and Mixbus with pretty much all free plugins...Being a classical guy, my processing is minimal. I can't live without the x42 LUFS meter plugins (Klangfreund multimeter and LUFS meter are also excellent for the price asked!), and Loudmax with ISP enabled is great for any pesky peaks...When parallel compression is required (a la Bob Katz "transparent"), the x42 compressor is great too. For times I need artificial reverb, x42 convo.lv2 works really well using the Bricasti impulses from Samplicity. When Reaper on Linux matures some, I'll consider it! For now, whenever I need good sample instruments via Kontakt, I use Reaper in Windows and then push it all to Ardour/Mixbus on AntiX Linux for mastering. If AntiX seems a little bare-bones in the GUI department, there's always MX Linux which is my day-to-day OS for everything aside from audio. 'Tis the first distro ever that has made me give up distro hopping (and if you knew me, that's quite the feat!).

For what it's worth, as much as I love ubuntu-based distros for general emailing, browsing etc., for audio I'd stick with debian-based as you'll have far better success with latency and things just working from the get-go...
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