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Default MIDI Generators


A MIDI sequencer that allows random selection of some (or all) notes in the sequence.

CC Injector


"Inject" the desired CC message from another track into the Automation path, via Jeffos' MIDItoReaControlPath:

VI Sculpt - to shape virtual instruments

VI Sculpt performs multiple tasks to help automate the sculpting of pre-recorded MIDI data for more organic playback, especially for virtual instruments that offer many articulations and/or CC automation, such as VSL and Spitfire Audio libraries.

arp!0 - groovy MIDI arp

arp!0 notable features:
  • independent length for each control sequence. parameter polyrhythms!
  • all real-time controls visible at once. change anything immediately.
  • expandable control grids for even more immediacy!
  • accent and offset sequences can create cool rhythmic grooves.
  • step length and voices sequences for uneven, chordal arpeggios.
  • variants for quick change arps with mouse or midi programs changes.
  • user definable sort transforms rearrange input notes in unique ways.
  • syncs to the beat when the host is playing or recording.
  • plays in time as settings change, and through variant & preset changes!
  • all arp parameters are saved in Reaper presets.
  • real-time display of active notes, played notes, and current steps.
  • pronounced "arp!-oh" (the bang is silent :^)


  • normal mode & trigger on note mode (optional restart)
  • 2 trigger note ranges
  • freerun without "gaps" when changing frequency
  • simple LFO-stuff like pulsewidth & phase
  • trigger on CC (first CC toggles on, next CC toggles off, next on, ...), CC# definable
  • LFO fade in & fade out in trigger mode (various fade shapes)
  • CC support for every slider

Nova Two - generative sequencer

It is an evolution of Nova One and has enough new features that it's out there as a separate plugin. The main upgrades are:
- resizable matrix, up to 17x17
- user selectable scale, lots of predefined scales
- scale transposition
- triggers for rover deletion

Nova One, (inspired by Otomata, that generates MIDI sequences based on rovers moving through a matrix. Rovers that collide with walls make sound, rovers that collide with each other change direction, and rovers that strike obstacles have their direction and position affected in various ways. The end result is a sequence of notes that evolves and changes in (usually) pleasant and unpredictable ways.

Stepsequencer for Battery and other Drummies
  • JS sequencer baby modification
  • changed the size, so that it fits nicely on my second screen together with Battery
  • the Screen has a resolution of 1290x1024 pixels. I have Reaper running on my other screen.
  • If you have a larger screen, you can modify the size of it of course.

New Improved JS Super Arp!

Here's the new, improved version of whatsup's Super Arpeggiator (GUI version) which features:
  • New play modes
  • Chords
  • Multiple Patterns (up to 32)
  • New Slice options
  • New GUI (again!)
  • A help screen (click the question mark)

a brand new JS Synthesizer and More (Super Arp)



My original idea is/was that whenever one of these coloured squares light up, a MIDI note-on is sent out, pitch/note number defined by vertical/y-position, like a piano grid or normal step sequencer, and the x axis (horizontal) something else, perhaps some MIDI CC. and there can be three separate sets of these triggers (r,g,b).

Or, there can be three different 'output types', one for each colour. Red could be MIDI note, green control change and blue something else...

JS MIDI Note Preview

A plugin I made so that I can preview the drum sounds already loaded when I load my drum template tracks.

To be able to draw automation envelopes for external MIDI gear (or internal). Simply automate the plugin's parameters as needed.

El Chordero - js chords sequencer / micro arranger

MIDI Chord Splitter

Say you have a cool monophonic-synth (like FXpansion's free Orca) but you want to be able to play chords with it.
Solution: schedule the incoming polyphonic-MIDI-notes to individual Reaper-tracks. Each such track is embedding an instance of the monophonic-synth.
Endless possibilities: Adjust each channel separately (sound, panning, etc...)

1. create a track for MIDI-input
2. insert an instance of the MIDI Chord Splitter Effect
3. Set the number of voices to use
4. for each voice create another track and insert a VSTi of your choice
5. route the MIDI-output of the first track to each instrument track (1:n)

-- Track1: MIDI IN -> MIDI Chord Splitter (parameter Voices = 3)
-- Track2: VSTI Synth1a, Receive MIDI from Track1 to MIDI-Channel1
-- Track3: VSTI Synth1b, Receive MIDI from Track1 to MIDI-Channel2
-- Track4: VSTI Synth1c, Receive MIDI from Track1 to MIDI-Channel3

Sendo - JS Graphic, MIDI CC timed sender

This sends Controller changes based on a timed sequence, with randomization.

VeloCycle - MIDI Velocity Sequencer - Randomizer

FrAr - the free pattern arpeggiator

FrAr <Free Pattern Arpeggiator> is an arpeggiator which doesn't generate any sequence itself but uses an arbitrary melody as a pattern. When you play some chord, the melody becomes played by the notes of this chord preserving its timing and dynamics.

LaRa - MIDI drum layerer/randomizer

LaRa is a MIDI-plugin for drum sounds layering/randomization. Using it with any (even the simplest) multichannel sampler you can build drumkits with up to 16 'drumpads', each having up to 4 layers with individual velocity curves and 16-to-1 sound variation randomization.

Pianolla Micro Keyboard

Sequencer Baby Modification

This modification slows down the steps from 1/4 to 4 measures. I can use it to drive groove agent and boomstick bassist where variations are triggered by notes. In this manner the making of a varied pattern of multiples measures is easy as pie.
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