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Default Need help/advice choosing a computer that will fit my needs.. please.

hello... my laptop was recently stolen so I really need help picking out a new one. First I want a computer that will work well as a DAW. Second.... I want a computer that can create/edit digital video. Third... I need a computer that will work well with an HDTV that I plan to buy along with my new computer. Incidentally can anyone recomend a decent HDTV that is computer friendly?
I have 1000 bucks to spend on both units. If I buy refurbished units I think 1000 bucks should be enough... I hope.
I was looking at the dell 560 (multimedia) desktop that is going for a little over 200 bucks refurbished. would that computer suit my needs? Am I even barking up the right tree by considering the dell 560 ?
T hanks for taking the time to read this and any advice would be very appreciated.
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