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Hi All,

New to the Forum but well experienced in music technology.

Someone asked 'where's the best place to get an overview of the OSC format and how to use/manipulate it?' earlier in this thread - try

It was also mentioned that 'You are free to define your own namespace in OSC, it is open-ended and dynamic' - Whilst this is true in regards to the 'namespace' it does not necessarily apply to the whole system. There are defined symbols for 'pattern-matching' on servers, which are not being implemented in Reaper and could potentially cause problems down the track...

The '@' symbol is not defined as a wildcard in OSC - it is used as an OOP style 'attribute' signifier. .
Pattern-matching schema were defined in OSC 1 and include '?' and '*' for single or multiple characters, as well as others, and additional symbols are envisaged for OSC 2.

I am wondering why you have defined your own pattern-matching scheme that is seemingly at odds with the OSC standard? I would like to be able to get @attribute messages out of Reaper.

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