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Nah, you don't get it.

edit: sorry that was rude. It still seems obvious to me what I am asking for and why all the points you made in reply are irrelevant.

edit2: Yes, that was rude as well... sorry.

Basically what I am saying has nothing to do with virtual MIDI ports on OSX or otherwise, nothing to do with standards since a 32 bit integer can contain all the info with a preceding port number as another integer in an OSC message, writing mobile apps that do MIDI (or OSC to MIDI) require middleware, whether on OSX or Windows (nothing to do with Virtual MIDI ports) and therefore writing an app to do MIDI as well as OSC is a PITA.

If you say that you don't subscribe to the fact that OSC is the future of MIDI then why are we all here, since OSC cannot do a single thing that MIDI can't?

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