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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Yes, I think it is quite a bit clearer to me now, thanks.

If I try to describe it in my own words, I think you want: a virtual MIDI input *in REAPER* to which we can send MIDI, wrapped in OSC messages. REAPER will unwrap the messages to plain MIDI again, and treat the stream of messages as a MIDI input port, just like the existing 'real' MIDI input ports. Does that describe what you meant accurately enough?
Almost... rather than sending plain ol' MIDI, it would be better to send /MIDIMessage/(Port)1/NoteOn/64/127 for example, rather than doing it the MIDI way. Either way of course would be great though.

Google may be up for it, it could be a neat GSOC project for some music minded coding talents.

Bonjour is supposed to be 'zero configuration wireless networking' and afaik Apple care a lot about having it work well on Windows too (for all the iTunes / iPod / iOS device users on Windows). Don't dismiss it too easily.
Yes, everything is possible but in terms of hoops to jump through/things to install/update/run the less the better.
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