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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
Good work
I've added it to the Third-Party JS FX Library (MIDI Controllers)
Thanks, great thread, I downloaded a lot of JS that will help !

Originally Posted by Reflected View Post
I created a 4 states morph controller in SynthMaker (modular program, since I don't know programming...)

Reflected Morph 2.02 -

the formula for few (4-8) states is a bit different..
it is really nothing compare to the flixability of metasurface which offers unlimited points and super easy/fast to use and yet super stable...the only downside of audiomulch is that it doesn't have a vst version :X

if you have enough programming skills to make something like Metasurface, I would love to be a tester...via msn or whatever..

here is a raw presantation I made for metasurface
This "Reflected Morph" of yours seems to do the job ! Where can I dowload ?

After seeing your presentation of metasurphace I guess the formula surely is this :

V = current parameter value (patch/point P)
V1 ... Vn = parameter value for patch/point P1 ... Pn
D1 ... Dn = distance sqrt(dx^2+dy^2) P-P1 .... P-Pn
V = (V1/D1 + ... + Vn/Dn) / (1/D1 + ... + 1/Dn)

In short each Pi's ratio is : 1 / (Di*(1/D1 + ... + 1/Dn))
When P is extremly close to Pi, this ratio tends towards 1/(Di/Di) = 1 (and others points towards 0).

I've just began to look into JS, so it seems it could be handled via CC messages but I'm afraid this would be far from hassle-free for the user to setup a connexion with a vst (midi learn for each parameter).
The other thing is, it has to go both ways : when you tweak a VST's knob, the value should be read by the JS and then the JS should be able to control the knob back to the VST.
This could be done with parameter modulation linked to parameter if it could go both ways (slave and master) but it can't AFAIK.

The rest of the code should be fairly "easy", the pb really is the ability to link the JS and VST both ways.
But again, I'm a bit new to Reaper and I don't know all the possibilities...
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