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Default How does Reaper recognize the speed (BPM) of an audio file when importing?

I wonder how Reaper recognizes BPM of a WAV file when you import it on a track? I really love this feature, that it asks for adapting the speed to your song. This is sooo helpful!

This works fine for sample libraries I bought. However, when I try to import some of my own WAV files it seems like Reaper does not recognice any BPM. I typically use the bpm in the filename.

'athmosound 120 BPM Gmin.wav'

I tried different writings, i.e. 120bpm 120 bpm 120BPM - but it seems like Reaper does not read this. In some cases it works but I did not get the logic behind that. For the thirdparty library files - they sometimes only tag '_140' in the filename and then Reaper recocnizes the speed. So I asume its a kind of internal tagging in the WAV file.

So what kind of editor should I use for that? What is recognized by Reaper?
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