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Default Setting BPM in a WAV file

Maybe my first post was misleading. I do not want to change the tempo of an item in Reaper (I know this feature by pressing F2).

I want to understand how Reaper reads the tempo from external WAV files.
When I import a WAV file, Reaper prompts: "Ignore tempo used by media?"

So my question is: how does reaper know the BPM of this WAV file? In the Option settings it states "Media with embedded tempo". So I asume there must be some embedded BPM (Exif?) info in the WAV file. When I just write "120 BPM" in the filename then Reaper does not recognize this info.

To state it clearly: Just renaming the WAV file to "MyLoop 120bpm.wav" does not work!!!
So my question is: what kind of embedded info is Reaper reading and what tool do I need to write this info to a WAV file.

- On the other hand I have WAV files that seem to have no metadata included (at least Wavelab does not show them) but still Reaper recognizes the correct BPM and asks to adapt the speed to my song. So this is very strange.

Can some Reaper programmer explain the magic behind that?

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