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Default Musical Pause - Fermata

When programming a midi track using the midi editor with the grid what's the best way to code a pause (fermata)? I'd like the finished result to still be on the grid.

The way I've been doing it is to put a temporary tempo reduction on the note effected, however a couple of things that I've noticed when doing it this way is that:
1) It's difficult (impossible?) to put points on the tempo envelope anywhere except on the beat. This makes it difficult if the paused note is, for example, a dotted quarter note.
2) I can't seem to drag a section of the temo envolope lower than 40bpm, which can sometimes be not low enough.

Both of the above issues can be got around by editing the Time Signature Marker manually.

I've tried adding a Fermata in the music notation editor but this seems to have no effect on the way the note is played back, it only effects the appearance of the notation.

I was just wondering what others do to program fermata pauses.


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