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Thank you for such detailed tests!

I was doing about the same thing many times, and at different video source (with different cameras or from the Internet). If the output to 25 frames per second, the error is always present! Other FPS I have not tried.
Apparently the problem is not in the final codec (FFMPEG), but somewhere before, during the formation of the frame flow.

I understand that REAPER is not a professional video editor, but this is an obvious mistake, which even normal demo does not allow. I'm working on music for the animation and this error is very visible in the final video.

Despite the availability of features for working with video in REAPER, i have to use an external encoder in which to mix the audio from REAPER and the original video.

Most likely the error elimination is really very difficult, because watching it for many months and even wrote about it here. As a temporary solution would be great in the video rendering settings to be able to simply replace the audio track in the original video file. To at least do not use external encoder and only use REAPER.
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