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Glad to help, and thanks!

Tested v5.29pre7 (Windows 7 64-bit, Reaper 64-bit, latest 64-bit FFPMEG). Problem resolved. As long as the project framerate is the same as the final encoded file's framerate, and each image is lined up on a frame, there are no skipped images or lags in how they're displayed. Tested at 24 / 25 / 29.97 and 30 fps (first setting the project to the chosen framerate, aligning all images to snap to the frame and resizing as needed, then rendering/encoding at the project's specified framerate). Did this using FFPMEG with rendered files as MKV and MOV, played back at 10% speed using BS Player several times in a row and saw no problems (it also looked smooth at 50% and 100% speeds). I stopped testing after that.

Well actually I tried the project setting at 25 fps (with images snapped to each frame) but then rendering/encoding to 24 fps, and there were a few dropped images like before (every 30 or so, one was skipped). I also tried the project setting at 25 fps (with images snapped to each frame) rendering/encoding at 29.97 and 30 fps, and noticed lags in every "2" and "7" image displayed (every 5 images). But I guess this is normal.
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