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Over 3 months later I'm still stuck in the same point. I have read your hints, but I am simply not able to do this myself. Copying/pasting sections of code or finding and changing some values - that's feasible for me. But writing new code - out of my reach.

I am talking here, of course, about adding some functionality to the buttons in the instrument mode. After some thinking I came to conclusion that even the simplest implementation (I mean: no banks, no second layer of funcionality accessible via the Solo button, no LED utilization) would still be a big advance in usability of your great script.

At this moment, whenever I have some virtual switches in my VST instrument GUI's, I use the second bank of knobs in your script. It works, but it is not as elegant nor ergonomic as just having physcial buttons under my fingers. Infortunatelly I am not able to write code that would handle the button toggle mode in instrument mode.

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