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i see that you use soundfonts, and maybe this will be useful for you. i figured out how to make soundfonts last night, as well as combine patches from various soundfonts, using viena soundfont editor. note the spelling, viena not vienna. maybe you could widdle down your soundfont collection a bit by combining say, all the best patches from various gm soundfonts, while replacing the stuff that you'll never use with other instruments in your soundfont collection. it's actually pretty easy stuff.

straying off topic: if someone were to offer up some drum samples, i would be inclined to make both kit and individual kit piece soundfonts with them. samples would need to be:
  • freely available and can be shared
  • nothing wonky sounding - crazy high attack, weird resonance, snare with no snare, etc.
  • fairly dry - no heavy verb, distorted smashing, etc.
  • multi-velocity
  • brushes would be a big bonus

maybe i should start a new thread for this.
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