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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
Again, use whatever you want. I just object to your use of strong language that implies SWS is a problem waiting to happen. So is every piece of software, if you look at it under that kind of lens. Any software/plugins/extensions can have bugs and/or incompatibility. SWS goes through "growing pains" once in a while as Reaper matures, but they get ironed out and/or more native actions get added to Reaper.

Currently there are improvements to Reaper's UI efficiency (in the pre-release builds), and some aspects of the API were modified. That broke some compatibility with some aspects of SWS. Justin fixed it within a couple days. All this happened during pre-release dev builds, so the only people who would've noticed are the ones using the pre-release builds. I offered the built (latest) SWS files knowing how chicken you are about building things. But no good deed goes unpunished, I guess.
I've got nothing against SWS or folks who use it. For the way I work, I simply don't need the SWS extensions or even the majority of native features contained in a virgin install of REAPER for that matter.

I'm also kind of a minimalist which is probably why switching from Windows 7 to Linux was such an easy transition for me.
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