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Originally Posted by SmajjL View Post
I am having luck with Manjaro and the 4.19.59_rt23-1 kernel.
I hope there is a tiny app switch for the:
echo performance | sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor
On Nvidia X Server I turn off G-Sync and Sync to VBlank, and also if the flavour has any of that stuff in its own system settings/general/Compositor Options (Vsync Method), any usual suspects like those that can be interesting to try.
Ohh, and Nvidia X Server/Powermizer/Prefeer Maximum Performance sound good.

Funny, I am actually Googeling that up myself now, was curious
i'm on AMD, bought RX580 month ago, this was nice chance to try it on linux, things should be a little bit better for AMD cards.
Thanks for the info!
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