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OK ... I'm looking to add more control features to any of my STRIPS.

For example:

I use the A/B Match Level [js] plugins, book-end, around a specific plugin [N-4].

The A/B plug works in PAIRS, where there is a LinkID Parameter that offers 32 COM Channels to link a pair.

I can assign a KNOB to each [of the pair] to set an ID channel.

Then, I tried a MACRO CONTROL to LINK the 2 KNOBS, thereby changing BOTH plugins LinkID channels. OK ... this kinda works ... however ?!?

The MACRO CONTROL only displays IT'S Value [0.xx-1]. Moving the MACRO does move the 2 Linked Knobs, however, the VALUE display of either Knob does NOT change... and the MACRO only shows it's Value [not any relation to what KNOB values].

So basically ... I can't seem to DISPLAY what the actual VALUE of the 2 LINKED Knobs are :| [although I can control [via Macro] both.

It's seems I'm ALMOST able to do this ... but then ... NOT.

Is there another LBX feature I should be using ? or is this something that could be added.

Thanks for following this [how it's clear to understand - let me know].

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