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Default My Focusrite 18i20 Is Broken (edit: bad usb cable)

Edit: It was a bad USB cable.

Edit #2: I *thought it was a bad USB cable. But MixControl is losing its hardware connection again.

For the last 2 weeks or so, off and on, my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 audio interface has been sending loud, audible spikes to its analog outputs. It used to take a few minutes to kick in, but now it's happening after about 20 seconds.

This may have been the result of damage to the 18i20 through its 5-pin MIDI input from a used MIDI controller I purchased 3 weeks ago (Studiologic SL-161.) I haven't had any audible spiking problems with the 18i20 prior to using the SL-161 MIDI controller, but have, on occasion, had to turn off and back on the 18i20 to re-associate it with REAPER. The association problem has been rare, but occurring over the last 8 months or so.

Here's what happens:
- Play audio back in REAPER or WinAMP
- Wait a few minutes while before the spikes start
- Clipping indicators light up in Scarlett MixControl
- Playback in REAPER and WinAMP no longer possible (they both lock up at the current play position)
- REAPER's TCP still shows the 5-pin MIDI input for the 18i20, however after the spikes, it stops registering any MIDI activity

To "fix" the problem:
- Turn off the 18i20 then back on
- Open REAPER's audio device preferences or close/open REAPER
- Wait about 20 seconds before the spikes start again

So I'm not exactly sure where things went wrong.
- Did the 18i20 just have its own component failure, independent of anything connected to it?
- Did the MIDI controller send a spike through the 18i20's 5-pin MIDI input causing a component failure in the 18i20?

I'm sure I need to get another interface now, as repair costs for the 18i20 would probably be too high to justify it.

Has anyone had (similar) problems with their Scarlett or other Focusrite products? Thanks for any help!

- Mike
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