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Originally Posted by mikeroephonics View Post
Since you're using the 2496 card, I'll add that the reason I bought the 18i20 to begin with is because my 2496 went bad due to a bad (bulging) capacitor. I used the card nearly daily for over 10 years so I'm not too upset about it. Yours may be a ticking time (electrolyte) bomb but hopefully not.
I don't doubt it. Mine's 13 years old, not so heavily used, but caps tend to be 'time sensitive' as far as I understand it.
The reason I'm looking to retire it is that I had a brief spell on Windows 8.1 and had loads of driver problems - went to W10 and it works much better. I could get away with an 18/8 (maybe) but the extra outputs will be useful and rackmounting tidies thing up significantly.
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