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Default How best make different layout for BUS tracks in mixer?

I am customizing my mixer view, using WALTER and stuff. I've run into some obstacles and I could use some tips both technical and graphical.

I am trying to make a custom layout for BUS tracks (meaning tracks that signals from several tracks converge at, and is sent through) to make them visually distinct from 'usual' tracks in the mixer.

I am having a bit of problems how to do this the best way.

I was thinking of making them larger and bolder in size and appearance. But I can't really find any WALTER options which allows me to do this in a useful way (or perhaps my WALTER skills are short).

I was then thinking of using a specific background panel color (I am using images, pngs) but I can't seem to find a way to make Reaper display a different png background for certain tracks. Is there such a way?

Then I though I should make them taller, meaning fewer fx and send slots visible. But WALTER doesn't seem to allow me to set a specific amount of visible fx and send slots in the mixer view (?) If it did, I could raise the BUS tracks up and make them appear taller (longer volume fader at the bottom).

Am I wrong about my above observations/conclusions? Or are there some ways some of the above could be achieved?

If someone have a better visual eye than me, tips on ways to make good visual cues that 'these tracks are bus tracks' are very welcome. I do want them to look much like regular tracks, just .. noticeably different, heh.

I am currently using a very customized self made theme, originating from the "Classix 4.x" theme.

Thanx in advance for any tips & assistance
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