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Default New Solo Behaviour (FIXED)

In this scenario:

==KICK (Send 3/4 to INST BUS)

INST BUS (Sidechain Compressor Receive 3/4 from Kick):

If I solo INST BUS, I hear the effect of the KICK sidechain. Perfect!
If I solo BASS, I DO NOT hear the effect of the KICK SIDECHAIN, even though it is a child of INST BUS.

How can I solo just BASS and hear the receives of the parent? ie, I want to hear how the pumping affects JUST the BASS, not the whole bus. This is huge for setting release times, etc.

Seeing that you can solo both the Folder and the Child and it seemingly makes no difference, that might be the way to enable the type of soloing I'm proposing. If only Child is soloed, don't process parent receives. If both Child and Parent are soloed together, process receives for both.

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