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Default New Song featuring real tape delay, tanpura, sax and fuzzrite

I made some recent additions to the studio and this is the first song I was able to integrate the majority of them into. Most notably, I finally was able to acquire a real tape delay (T-Rex Replicator Jr.) after a lot of time of not having one. I have owned 2 or 3 vintage RE-201's over the years, and had forgotten how amazing real tape sounds! I also just started learning the sax and the tanpura, and have really been enjoying the extra variety of sounds these new instruments have afforded me. Also, after nearly a decade of reading people online rave about the SM7, I finally got one for myself and have been loving the sound of my voice and sax recorded through it. Signal chain for everything you hear is a Rode NTR or the SM7---> UA Twinfinity---> Golden Age Comp-2A---> Tascam UH-7000 using Reaper. All guitars, bass and synth are recorded direct through the same signal chain.

Hope someone out there enjoys!
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