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Originally Posted by GoldenDeathMusic View Post
Wow, I clicked with the intention of quickly checking out a song and got sucked into listening to the entire album! Very cool stuff you guys are doing. It initially reminded me of Dungen, ever heard of them? Tons of cool prog influences are evident though, and you guys are certainly putting your own spin on it. Thanks so much for sharing this! You've definitely gained a new fan.

And yeah, I 've used Abbey Roads 60's kit as well but ended up settling on Addictive Drums 2 because of the variety and great sound. Ideally I would be playing a real kit but I'm limited by budget and space - my last setup was in the kitchen space of my studio apartment so I had to unplug the interface every time someone wanted to microwave a burrito Though I would rather record in the worst possible environment than not record at all.
Oh wow man....thanks for the kind words and for listening to the whole record!

The songwriter/singer/keyboardist and I are huge Dungen fans. Probably my favorite rock band at the moment. Super creative guys. I needed to stop listening to them for a while lol.

Burritos will have to wait....there is prog rock to be made!

Best of luck and Iíll be sure to check out some more of your songs.
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