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Originally Posted by Calaban View Post you send each AD2 channel out into itís own channel in Reaper, or just use the AD2 mixer/FX?

I have been doing both with BFD3 and AR60 but Iím not convinced I have to, especially with BFD. The mixer and FX are pretty comprehensive.

But sometimes I just want to run them through some other plugins....mostly Soundtoys 5 stuff.

Just the roomy sound youíre getting.
I just have one track dedicated to AD2 in 99% of my sessions. The only reason I could see myself wanting to do otherwise is if I wanted to add a vst effect to a specific part of the kit, but I'm pretty happy with the sound I'm getting and the ability to mix/add effects in the native AD2 mixer. I already have tons of tracks in a any given session as is, so it would just be increasing the clutter by having dedicated channels for each part of the kit. One thing I have been doing recently though is manually playing a Korg Volca Beats drum machine (or a djembe or white noise oscillator on my analog synth) to reinforce the snare and add a little variety to the sound. I also have a couple real cymbals/cymbal like percussion things that I use instead of/in addition to the AD2 cymbals sometimes. But yeah, the only fx I add to the drum kits are mild compression (URS 1975, if I want more of a punchy sound) and the aforementioned Magnetic. Now that I have a real tape delay again, though, I will probably be experimenting more with that on the drums for some dubbed out is kind of relatively lo-fi, but I love this new T-Rex Replicator Jr. I recently purchased. Sometimes I just use it to bounce the track to tape and don't even use that much delay in the signal - it really adds a cool depth and chorusy effect to tracks I had recorded before buying the T-Rex. It's what I did with the sax and voice on the song from this thread.
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