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Originally Posted by audiojunkie View Post
For those still interested in what distros work well with Reaper:

Any of the Ubuntu family should work. The low-latency kernel exists in the default repos and it is easy to install. So, basically, any member of the Ubuntu family will work just fine. Pick a Desktop Environment you want to use, load the Ubuntu distro that has it, install the Low-latency repo, configure, and you're ready to go. :-)

Personally, because I'm trying to get to the point where everything works on a touch screen, I have chosen Gnome 3. It works fine. :-)
I also like the package "ubuntustudio-controls" that is in the regular ubuntu repositories, so you can use it in any ubuntu-based distro (I use KDE Neon). It is a simple way to set up realtime permissions and put your user in the audio group.
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