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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
You can't just walk in here, drop a bomb like that, and run away.

When did you last use Ubuntu Studio (which version)? What were the bugs you noticed? When you switched to Mint XFCE did you use it for audio and if so what did you have to do with the distro (swap kernels, etc.)?

I don't want it to be "a Windows PC" (I won't be running Wine or Windows plugins) but I do want it to work properly.
OK, fair enough. The last version I used was the most recent (don't remember the release). I was using the studio version for the fast multi-media kernel and the fact it used Xcfe. I'm told the Studio version has lost a lot of developers (could be fake news). I had trouble mostly with installation. Things like WiFi not working. None of them are perfect unless you are lucky.
The more generic and "standard" the hardware you have- the better! There so many PC's with various hardware it's tough. Mint seems to have some issues with Wine, if that matters. DOSBOX works fine though. I like to mess with antique software sometimes.

Other than a day or so of messing about and searching on-line, you have to find the distro that works the best with your hardware. I use Mint on two desktops and two laptops and seems to work ok. One desktop is my beautiful wife's. She knows nothing about computers and it works for her. Granted she only uses internet apps and LibreOffice.

I am not a sysop, but have been using Official Unix versions (AT&T/NCR and BSD) on DEC hardware and such since I taught computer science at the university level. It's complex, but fun!
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