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Originally Posted by Gass n Klang View Post
I got my QCon Pro G2 and an EX G2 today. I'm now checking out the different scripts and their advantages (reaper, klinke, csi). Is there any chance to get klinke working with the extender? seems like that would be the perfect solution for me.
Funny.. I was just looking here to see the same as just added a 3rd set of 8 mcu based controllers for 24 faders

I seem to recall klinke doing a version that added a workaround for this version only supporting 1 controller. I'm looking for it too and will post if I find it again.

On the other hand, there is an older version klinke did (6.4 I think) that is pretty good still and supports multiple controllers. might be worth using that for now, that's what I'll be using if I can't get this one working with 3 controllers.
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