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Originally Posted by Gass n Klang View Post
yes I found that solution with the previous version. Is there somewhere a feature list to see the differences between both versions? I just know that folder mode won't work, which is a heavy drawback. This feauture allows to handle big projects easily but for me 8 faders aren't enough, even in folder mode. I often have much bigger projects that needed at least 2 or even 3 banks in some folders.
Apart from using the bank shift button to shift 8 channels so that the second unit is offset. The old 0.6 version is probably best to use.

As for managing large amount of tracks, I do this via hiding and showing items in the mixer view in reaper as you can set the mackie to follow what's visible in the mixer.

I even have lots of sws "custom actions" set up that do things like "show all child tracks of the selected parent in the mixer" and can even combine this with a SWS reaconsole search function to show say only my drum tracks (and it's parent buss track too)

Can even show just busses this way too.

I've then set up a toolbar with these show/hide actions in it for fast recall.

I use specific names though on group/buss/folder tracks to do this though.

I name my folders stuff like "=drums" or"=guitars) so that I can then quickly just show all busses by showing only tracks with "="in them.

Not perfect but pretty cool
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