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Originally Posted by Gass n Klang View Post
yes I found that solution with the previous version. Is there somewhere a feature list to see the differences between both versions? I just know that folder mode won't work, which is a heavy drawback. This feauture allows to handle big projects easily but for me 8 faders aren't enough, even in folder mode. I often have much bigger projects that needed at least 2 or even 3 banks in some folders.
I wrote a bunch about all the different versions relative to my Qcon ProX and XS setup. After all that, I'm still using CSI because it has the most flexibility and most of the features I need. If Klinke's would be updated with extender compatibility, I might not even need to look at CSI, but it doesn't and I am.

Not only does folder mode not work in 0.6, you can't access the send feature because there is no SEND button on the Qcon and also doesn't have these functions as Reaper actions so no way to access that feature at all! SIGH!

But you can have all this in CSI, if you can figure it out. Plugins, sends, automation control, and probably anything you can dream of.

to be fair to Klinke's great work, we are all asking Geoff to incorporate some of these features, like folder mode for example. Pretty brilliant.
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