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Here's the list for starters:
  1. Snap Item's Snap-Offset(Syncpoint) under mouse cursor to Edit cursorr
  2. Snap Left Edge of Item under mouse cursor to Edit cursor
  3. Snap Left Edge of a COPY of Item under mouse cursor to Edit cursor
  4. Snap Right Edge of Item under mouse cursor to Edit cursor
  5. Snap Right Edge of a COPY of Item under mouse cursor to Edit cursor
  6. Snap an Itemcopies's Snap-Offset(Syncpoint) under mouse cursor to Edit cursor

They're all mouse-over actions since most editors will have the cursor position set to change with any left or right-click commands. The parts that do the actual snapping are all handled by SWS actions.

The only one "Item: move selected items to edit cursor" replaces is "SWS: Move selected item(s) left edge to edit cursor".

The rest put the selected items right edge to the editor cursor, or copies of selected items at the edit cursor, or the selected item with respect to the snap point, which uses one of Xenakios' commands.

All these operations are common in use and very useful for daily editing duties. Protools is limited in how it can do this and basically burns up loads of modifier+left-click combos to do all those operations. Reaper is way more flexible with its mouse-over capabilities, so in fact the methods these macros enable(created by Mercado and me) are more accurate and less prone to error as we do not rely on small mouse zones that you need to target when using the smart tool of Protools. You can just hover over any area of the item in question and fire off the command.

The reason the nudge window is not preferred for everyday work is the reconfiguration and extra keys necessary. It requires a lot of setup, and these snap commands have to be at your fingertips at all times. They need to be a standard, and thus cannot be a users custom creation if they are to gain any traction. Using the nudge window takes a lot more time and setup. It's great to have but not as fast and easy to use as these snap commands.

The basic commands we're requesting can be those without mouse-over action, but as a matter of fact, it's more likely everyone will use the mouse-over stuff. It's six commands in all, and we have one(or rather none with mouse-over action) so far. Protools does this in one click and it's built in, so I reckon the superior stuff we've created here can probably easily be condensed in to one command each that come with Reaper. If you include "select item under mouse cursor" versions it'll further decrease setup time, and perhaps you could even set some default keys.

Key1 to snap start and Key2 to snap end of selected item to editor cursor.
CTRL+Key1 and CTRL+Key2 to do the same with copies of the selected item, leaving the original where it is.
SHIFT+Key1 to snap selected item in regards to its snap marker and finally,
SHIFT+Key2 to do the same with a copy.

That's six commands, and I'd start with mouse-over versions, because we're using the left and right-click to setup edit cursors all over the place already.

I included the current commands in the attachments. They work nicely with the current SWS extension version with 3.63pre3. They use the keys Q and W, and I use slightly different modifiers, but they get the point across.
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